Monday, November 21, 2005

SPA! we were rubbed and we liked it... well mostly

me and the ladies hit the spa this weekend. we drove up on sat morning and were rubbed, scrubbed and fed. i spent most of the day in a robe with post-shiatsu bleary eyes. hence the lack of wicked good photos of my ladies covered in "essential" oil hairline guck. ahhhh lets do it again next weekend k? heather was convinced that my parents small town was very much like her darling star's hollow (if it only had a town square!!!). vanessa was shocked by the -urm- thoroughness of her facial and while sarah made fun of our sunday morning "shopping" trip she found her arms piled high with tree ornaments and other fun stuff. thanks for coming ladies!


Blogger Anthony Maragna said...

I want to go with you next time. There's nothing like seeing Gillian with cucumbers over her eyes; not that I've ever seen that before.

2:40 PM  

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