Wednesday, March 29, 2006

under skirts?

so.. i have this blog attached to a stat counter. this morning i went to check it out and feeling very proud of myself (mostly because the quality of my posts has been lack luster at best lately) i saw that someone from newport beach california came to my site 5 times! wooo.... oh wait. i just had to click on the referring link... then the ip address.... then i saw that my site was found because the perv was searching msn for "looking under skirts." gross.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

neato street art

these chalk drawings created by Julian Beever kick the crap out of the guy i watched juggle on fire devil sticks on queen west on sunday.
and taken from the wrong angle they look like this -

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

weddin class lunch - now 100% trust fall free

steve and i had to go to a drafty church basement and learn how to be married this past weekend. i can save you a friday night and most of a sat by telling you the secret. ready? here is is... be nice or you will get divorced. that's what it cynically distills down to. but we did get to eat yummy thai food on our oddly long (1.5 hours!) lunch break.

Friday, March 10, 2006

by way of planet dan

Monday, March 06, 2006

oscar night head scratchers

sandra bullock, i like you. so i'm telling you this as a friend... i think you've pulled your panyhose up too high. what is with your weird modesty tube you seem to be wearing under your dress? don't you know that you're supposed to show MAXIMUM STERNUM at all award shows? look at felicity huffman. she's got it right.secondly - charlize. i think you could have had your seamstress finish your dress. you are a big star now and really, you look like you wrapped a giant sash around you, and hot glued a giant 1980's (circa my bat/barmitzvah going days) on your shoulder. this dress makes you look like you have no ta-tas. my goodness... i'm sure you are a very nice lady. but YOU ARE THE PRETTY ONE! act like it. sheeshand lastly helena. okay, i didn't even know you were at the oscars - i didn't see you during the telecast - so i guess your frightening hairdo isn't hurting anyone execpt the person sitting behind you. you are crazy... go do some more coke.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

bill paxton - with three chicks... yeah he wishes

i watched entertainment tonight yesterday and got the tail end about a new hbo "comedy" about polygamy. apparently the mormon church has its sensible drawers in a knot over this series promoting a lifestyle that was banned 116 years ago. well i say ban away mormons. no one listens to you anyway. there are approx 40,000 people in the usa who are polygamists. and there should be something on tv for them! they can tune in right after season six of the sopranos and get comfortable on a wooden chair and laugh along with the patriarch of this family, Bill Henrickson. this series is produced by tom hanks (whom i will refer to as midas-touch-tommy) and is supposed to focus on "just how challenging life as a modern-day polygamist can be" ( watch the show preview here. but what i'm going to like about this show is that chloe sevigny will have to dress all doudy-like (if you ever go to you'll know what a joy her outfits are)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

this one is for steve - who never wins

here's my finished coffee - will today be the day???
why yes. yes it is...