Thursday, December 29, 2005

at work this week?

i dare you not to play this for at least an hour...

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

nothing says christmas like killing zombies

Steve gave me a game cube! hurray! also - hurray for steve patiently driving all over toronto to find me resident evil zero. killing zombies on your new tv with your new game cube is wicked good.

Friday, December 23, 2005

the end of Tanya + Go Train

this is my car. i drove to work today. hurray for me!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

my commute - the finale?

i just got off the phone with the ministry of transportation. i wanted to know if they had shortened working hours due to the holiday season. they don't. and while i had a real live person on the phone i got him to check on the status of my license. all is good. all is fine. i could have gone there this morning and had a temp issued to me. tomorrow morning i will be standing in front of the office doors at 8:29 am waiting - possibly fogging up the glass door. and once i have my temp in my hand and i have some sort of confirmation that i can get back in my car i will give them hell - hell i say...

my commute - part two

last night on the way back to civilization i got a "verbal warning" from some parka clad go employee. apparently i purchased the wrong kind of train ticket and i needed to pay $3.00 more - he "let me off this time" but .... "next time you could be fined $200". FANTASTIC - THANKS!

FF to this morning - at the last minute i decided to bring Team Romania an activity to do on the train. (she just talks endlessly about nothing...way too much for me first thing in the morning). so, as the train pulled out of union station she started to prattle on about how she was up late dying her hair bleach blonde and i pulled out my ammo. "here - i brought this to read. i am sleepy still - would you like it?" ahhh...... 35 minutes of sweet silence while she caught up on kate moss' latest escapades.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

my commute

commuting is bullshit.

I left my house this morning at 6:45 am - to be at work at 9:00 am

That. Is. Bullshit.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

i'm a downtown girl. how did i end up here?

whenever the weather is crap i wish i could hop on the TTC and zoom home. instead i have to face the possibility of sitting in traffic on qew for (another) 2 hour drive home. to top it off i drive home a co-worker who expresses her gratitude for the ride by prattling on and on all the way home. today there is snow. lots and lots of snow. it's supposed to snow until sat. why ohh why do i have to work in the middle of suburbia? here is a glam shot of the view outside my office...

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

for real?....

this is weird. i look at this site and feel embarrassed for you. get a hobby.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

maggots and morons

so a few weeks ago i went to enjoy a tasty box of kraft dinner as my evening meal. okay... so stop reading if you EVER want to enjoy the fake cheese goodness that sustained me through university....

after i dumped the box in the boiling water a maggot floated to the top. gross. so after freaking out a bit (okay a lot) i swiftly called the 1.800 # on the back of the box. while i was being told that it couldn't have possibly been kraft's fault - the food was sitting near some other food that had gone bad. like when a parent says that it's not their kid that's the problem - it's the other kids... riiiight.

while talking to the kraft person another maggot climbed its way out of the box. gross x 2. they conceded to sending me $1.20 for the box. i've been waiting for three weeks for my whopping $1.20...

yesterday kraft canada leaves me a phone message... "call us back" they say... "your package was returned undeliverable" they say....

when i call back - the nice man on the phone wants to "confirm my address" they have my street address as 80049... MORONS, f-ing MORONS!

when asked for my street address i said "eight hundred forty-nine."


i love you anna nicole

she is awesome. she has craploads of money - and people keep giving her more. i don't think she's dumb at all. and for real - live 8 - what did you think you were going to get when you invited the woman who made a reality show about her being drunk? hmm?