Monday, October 31, 2005

halloween is awesome...

my friends take halloween VERY seriously. example - Derek (as Bjork) and David (as Matthew Barney)
steve and i had costumes that inflated and here are some choice shots of the rest of the kids. wicked good. thanks for the pics tania!

Friday, October 28, 2005

pumpkins TO THE EXTREME!!

i love when people really take things to the next level. like pumpkin carving. this site that has the amazing work of Scott Cummins an artist from Texas (he has scary copyright stuff on his site so please link here to view them directly). also i found some VERY interesting and kind of disturbing pumpkins here.

Monday, October 24, 2005

i am wonder woman - sweeeet.

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CBC lockout. FINITO

the lockout finished a week or two ago - but i was on vacation and i missed the glorious broadcasting return of my 'favourite cbc programs'. i sent Mr. Rabinovitch an email back in august telling him to hurry the heck up. i did get a standard form email responding to my 'concerns' - but then today i received another note. i opened it thinking that maybe the cbc would be so grateful for my personal involvement in ending the lockout that they would reward me with a coffee mug, sticker, bookmark - 14 foot gold trophy. but no. i got politely informed that i was going to be added to their email list. woo hoo. spam. thanks cbc you're the best.

Friday, October 21, 2005

holy f*cking sh*t dude

my office is ground level. i have a beautiful view of the parking lot and a shipping dock. truly magestic. today was window-washing day. out of the blue there are two guys washing the window right outside my office. and they are having a very colourful conversation. i won't go into details because it's truly gross - but let's just say that there was talk of a lady's behind and what one window washers would like to - urm - do to it... the other one was very impressed by his colleagues vivid description and just kept responding "holy f*cking sh*$t dude thats awesome!" i just kept working away and trying not to look over - i did kamakaze this photo though

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

family holiday

hi hi there! we got back from South Carolina on Sat at 3 am. 20 hours in your parents mini-van is something to be reckoned with. i promise to put up a better post tres soon - here are some of my future brother-in-law's photos to tide you over until then.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

plastination is kinda creepy

so, you might have already heard about this but.. the ontario science centre has just opened up a show called "BODY WORLDS 2" it's an educational show about anatomy. but the crazy thing is that these are not models. they are REAL people - check this out->i saw the inventor of plastination, Gunther von Hagens being interviewed on tv the other night - and he was explaning how he places the cadavers in action poses. they are still gooey and soft when he "moulds" them. urgh... did i mention that he has an indiana jones like style?